Thursday, May 7

I am Freakin' Out

I am this much closer to my finals..

and the closer i get, the more I'm freaking out about it.

What if something goes wrong. What if i missed out something? Shit. That would SUCK.

Like really really, if it happened i would die - SUCK.

I feel like my FYP (Final Year Project) is looking really shitty. I feel like redoing the whole thing. But i only got a week to the presentations. (DATE: 14th MAY.)

*waaaaaaaiiiillllllllsssss uncontrollably*

So many people are counting on me, so i feel like failing is not an option.

I wish someone would tell my lecturers that. -__-

1 comment:

Chapit said...

oh my.
my final just on next week.
carry mark lak satu kelas teruk.

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