Sunday, May 31

Whole lotta love!!!

I had an awesome awesome birthday weekend!!

I wanna thank My Muuzi for being the most awesomely understanding boyfriend and layaning me PMS about being fat and super self conscious, My girls Mashi & Jaja & Lil Jojo for all the fun times! Senthil and The OBS boys for being crazy and super awesome! Gen, Leng, and the Patio boys for partying with me, Abang Daryl, who gave me an 'autographed' picture of David Archuletta.

Twilight Action Girls for rocking out friday with me.
Burger King One Utama, for giving Me, My mother and My boyfriend diarrhea.
UOX for throwing a kickass party!
Steve Aoki for wishing me happy birthday.
My Mom and Sister for sms-ing me.
Uncle Mac and Tok for throwing me an All You can eat Mihun Sup (my fav!) Party!
All my Facebook and Myspace pals who took the time to wish me happy birthday. :)
The Universe for reminding me, 'Ayesha Frances Adam, you are too friggin Old to party back to back' hence cursing me with a case of the 'after party flu/fever.

I love my life. :)

Currently in Melawati recovering from the Flu. Weeeee!

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