Monday, April 27

Smile like you mean it...

Went back to Melawati over the weekend, been busy so i haven't been there in awhile.. was starting to miss everyone especially little Alif.

I absolutely ADORE my little cousin Alif.

He's such a little cheeky fella. :P LoveLoveLove!!

And he loves his Kak Ayesha. :D Ok ok, and Kak Alia as well.... But she's not here so more lovin' for Kak Ayesha! Yay!:D

The best thing about Alif is the way he smiles... senyum gatal/nakal/comel gila nak gigit. ^_^

Don't you just wanna chew on him? EeeEee!!

On Saturday, me and Tok went to see Uncle mamat's new condo in Wangsa Maju. He's making sure everything ready for the new tenants to move in. The place is looking really good! It makes me actually consider living in Wangsa Maju. Hehe.

Either that or when i get a house of my own, i'm hiring Uncle Mac and Tok to be interior decorators. :P

Check it out.

Simple yet Chic.

Took toks picture when she wasn't looking. Ngee~

On Sunday, Muuzi picked me up for Lunch..

And later we went to The Curve to jalan2, and cuci mata tgk barang kat the weekend market. ^_^

Since i still had my camera on me, we started acting all jakun and touristy. Taking shameless pictures in public and of random things.

Getting Muuzi to take a decent picture is such a struggle! He likes to make silly/goofy faces, therefore i keep having to force him into a normal state.

Thank you for ruining what would have been a nice picture. -__-

Then i tried taking one of him alone..

Tak Jalan.

After countless tries, and me nagging for him to smile properly... he decided to pull one from my(space) tricks.

Hi, saya umur 15 tahun. PeAcE! KaWaiDess! :))

Don't be fooled, he's a rebel this one. Hehe. On the brightside, hey look! Decent picture! :D

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