Monday, February 2

The Comeback......

I've been away from the spotlight. Away from public in general.

Content to spending lazy afternoons with Alif and Ultraman.

And even lazier (dunno how thats possible cuz im already pretty damn lazy as it is) weekends with Muuzi.

Lots of things happening in my life right now.

- Mama got a new job and moved away to PENANG. She left last saturday, jadi buat masa ni Im gonna be a anak yatim kejap. :(

-ALIA IS COMING BACK IN TWO WEEKS!!!! Owh makes me want to JUMP FOR JOY!!!

- Tok, Uncle Mamat and Aunty Sab are going to Umrah, and are leaving this Thursday.

- A few more friends of mine have jumped on the RELATIONSHIP WAGON!!! Welcome aboard Zaxx and Gf baru.!!

- I've had two emotional breakdowns during this 3weeks of holiday. It's made me stronger and realize the people i have around me are amazing.

- Speaking of,,, Im so happy i have a wonderful, awesome, understanding boyfriend whom i adore. Its only officially been 2 months but its felt like ages. :) i Love you!

- I went to Sungai Ulu Yam during CNY with Muuzi and the boys..... it was so much FUN!! Been ages since i was anywhere near nature. :P *Pictures Uploaded soon....... I hope*

- I found out that i have the natural skillz and abilitiez to kick ass at MORTAL COMBAT vs. DC Universe on the PS3!!! Eventho sometimes i lose because 'certain people' cheated and annoyed me to death. bluek.....

Tis the Most Awesome game EVER!!

..... however, i totally suck at AMERICAN IDOL encore. I dunno why but i think Virtual Simon Cowell hates me and for the record, i think Virtual Paula Abdul has unnaturally big Nunga-Nunga's!

Mic Included... hehe.

The judges.

However, congratulations to Mr Azlee (Winner s1) and Mr Syed Zikree (Winner s2). Hehehe.

- My Third TRIMESTER of Delta @ FINAL YEAR PROJECT (FYP) is here!!!! And classes start tomorrow at 9 AM. haih, Wish me LUCK. Trust me, im gonna need it.


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