Sunday, January 25

Bertuah punya poser.

Imagine my surprise and confusion when some guy from Myspace, accused me of toying with his emotions and not showing up for our 'date'.

APEKAH?? Seriously, sape kau? I had never seen/msg/had any contact with him before in my life....

Dazed and confused i investigated more, and found out this dude, apparently has been chatting with a person under the id ayesha_adam84, who obviously is pretending to be me....

Curious to who would do such a thing, i ym'ed this 'person' and said a quick 'hi, how are you.' disguised as a stranger and true enuff, this person is actually pretending to be me!

When i asked for a her myspace add, dengan senang lenangnya she gave me this link.

After more investigation, this person started getting suspicious and cuak(that i was who he/she is pretending to be) and finally admitted, and apologized. Then it turns out this ayesha_adam84 is actually a dude, who wants to know what it feels like to flirt with boys... who think they are flirting with me (??)

Yup, it's creepy alright and somewhat gay.

It's sad how people can be so juvenile sometimes. I mean, seriously this was acceptable 2-3 years ago when kids started using my pics on their myspace/friendster profiles but ni dah umur 20an+ ni nak buat perangai camni, haih.... feel kinda sad for these people actually.

It's the 21st century PEOPLE!!! We are not teenagers anymore!

GROW the fuck UP!


AddamBlack said...

that is sooooo gay...ewwww

Alia said...

Hahahahaa.. omg, that's so sicko.
Funny thing is, he even copied your profile!! Hahahaha, hilarious :P

mashi_strange said...

saiko gile

Anak Pak Man said...

macam zaman mirc pun ada menyamar2 nih.

ikhwan nazri said...

gile ah.. saiko gileee

Anonymous said...


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