Tuesday, January 6


A lot of thing happening this weekend.

Hey, Come Join my rombongan
. :P

A lot of
Monday, January 5th
Mussie As-said (my facebook buddy)

Tuesday, January 6th
Nanolalaa (X-Friend..urgh)
Syaza Nadrah (X-Housemate)

Wednesday, January 7th
Aisha Adeeb (MMU)
Redzuan Hakim (Chapan)
Edwin Raj (TWKUA)
Edry Faizal (MMU)

Thursday, January 8th
Hugo Song (The Fabulous Hugo!)
Mohammad IQmar (My HotHOT Iqmar)
Fatimah Farhana (Seth's Girlfriend)

Friday, January 9th
Frances Valente (My Aunt, I was named after her.)

Saturday, January 10th
Helendri Bujang (Elen)

Sunday, January 11th
Puteri Shaza Aliah (My sweet friend! and Nik Ashraf's Cousin)
Genevieve Hiew (X-SKTM and Imran OBS's Girlfriend)
Putri Anissa Megat Aziz (MMU)

Also, if ur still in the LETS-WELCOME-2009-WITH-A-PARTY mode,

Check out

ARMIN VAN BUUREN is coming to KL!!


Mr. Karate said...

I'm looking forward for the Pole Dancing Workshop

PS: As an observer, of course.

Ayeshadam said...

Alaa, but ur so much better at it than i am. Haih~

izza the PINKERTON said...

babe, found your bloggy thru allmalaysian blogger :)

i'm going to dis event! heloova~ xx

Ayeshadam said...

Hey IZZA, Kewl. :) Maybe i'll see you there. :)

e²¹ said...

heh. tak pergi pun.

oh btw, adik lelaki adam (that's adam's younger brother, not adam's bf's younger sibling) was somehow... "volunteered" to do the pole-dancing.

tak best pun.

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