Monday, January 5


YES! I squealed like a little tween! AND WITH GOOD REASON!

JASON MRAZ is coming to MALAYSIA!!

Come on everyone!! Lets SING, DANCE and STEAL THINGS!!! Ok skip that last one. :P


Tour date confirmed on his website!

Owh btw, my exam went 'fairly' well. Thank you for not killing me. I would have regretted dying now, and missing Jason Mraz LIVE in CONCERT! :D


Anonymous said...

i started to love 2009. what's next what's next?

Ayeshadam said...

Mogwai is coming... tp i kurang berminat dgn mereka. :P

Some people are trying to bring down Daft Punk. Kalau berjaya, i'll sell my kidney to buy tickets. haha! :P

Alia said...

Ehhh! If you're going count me in!! I'll still be around that time, I wanna go concert with you! :P

Jason Mraz, weeee~~ Hehe.

Ayeshadam said...

OMG double yaaay!!! :D :D

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