Sunday, January 18


So my holidays are off to a good start..

Lot of family time, friend time and lots of muuzi time..

I'd say im being pretty fair all around. :)

Got a lot of pics to update, like the sekolah menengah puteri wilayah (SMPW) class ilmu reunion.. but honestly, im toooo lazy to edit them now, owh, i also have to update on last nights UOX at Zouk. Urghhh...

, Zouk needs to get their head checked. Stop doing events they can't handle, Last nights event was ridiculous, and left many people pissed off. Honestly, if T.A.G and LAPSAP started doing gigs elsewhere, i doubt people would go to Zouk nemore.

Tsk. Annoying nak mampus.

Today, Mashi and Jaja are at KLPAC's open day, im stuck at home, literally stuck. Plus duit ngak ada sudah, hehe. :P

2 more weeks of holiday left. haih...

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