Tuesday, January 20

16 interesting facts.

List down 16 interesting things about you and tag a few friends so that they can know these things and for them to list down their 16 interesting things.

Terima kasih cik puan Mya Kamal for giving a bored student something to do. :P Here goes,

1. I drink coca-cola like air kosong, i'll drink it at breakfast, lunch, and dinner... My mom, my friends and bf's (Ex's and currently Muuzi) always membebel about my coca-cola intake. I have currently switched to Teh Ais. Skian stop membebel plis.

2. like Mya, and Aisha. My Bestest friend is My only la vida loca sister, Alia Adam. But now she's in Aussie so dia digantikan with my other two best friends. Jaja and Mashi, whom have taken her spot as my sisters sementara. :P

3. Despite popular belief, i was not cool in high school or Uni, I use to be extremely shy, i would not be able to talk to a stranger even if it were to save my life. In my 'younger' days, i would not even be able to order my own food. Or ask for a ketchup pack without breaking into a sweat. However my nerves are getting better and im becoming more confident with myself. Yatta!

4. I went to a All Girls School in Kg Bharu and lived in a hostel for 5 years. Therefore i have a pretty good knowledge on how girls work. Most girls are EVIL. That is also why i have very few girlfriends.

5.Like Mya also, I do not like clingy men, i hate 'punch card' relationships where i need to 'LAPUR DIRI' every 15 minutes for fear of a guy going 'Where the hell have you been?!'. I also do not like guys who can't take a hint, if you call me 8 times, and i don't pickup, stop calling me. No, Sms'ing 18ribu kali is not better.

6. I don't like fancy restaurants, i'd enjoy myself more lepaking in a mamak or fast food joint rather than being in a stuffy fancy restaurants.

7. People who know me, Know, that i am extremely sarcastic and cynical.

8. i do not go on dates. My last 'date' was 3 years ago, and it was weird as hell. I'm into LONG relationships, it takes awhile for me to get use to someone, so its hard to let go sometimes. But you gotta do what you gotta do. If i don't see us lasting very long, then its not even worth the pain.

9. I pride myself as a good liar, will not elaborate more. :) But i never lie when it really matters. Just tiny white ones.

10. I am a 99% KUALA LUMPUR girl. 1% SELANGOR (cuz technically i was born in Kinrara.). I do not do well in Kampung's, because i do not have a Kampung. I fear chickens, and cows. And i have never gone to a toilet with no plumbing. Skian. :D

11. Chick's before Dick's! I would never dump my family or friends over a guy. If a guy goes out with me, he'll have 7 girlfriends (Haha! can you handle that?). However in love i think i may be, my girls come first.

12. I am extremely conventional, old fashioned and I'm a sucker for manners. If a guy opens the door for me, or even just escorts me across the road. Or just by saying Please and Excuse Me, and I'm happy. Im all for the Knights in shining armor, or just a regular gentlemen will do.

13. I love cats. I could play with cats for hours, they are so cute! I love them! ^_^ And also im terrified of dogs. A lot of bad experiences there. Eeekk!

14. I hate cold showers. I'm a pampered and spoiled brat of the 21st century. I'm used to hot showers. And will avoid cold showers like the plague.

15. I have a very high imagination. I love to plan the future.. I'm also extremely indecisive and fickle. So i'm up for a little unplanned adventure once in awhile.

16. I can play the piano (but not very well), and used to play the violin, but i can't read music notes. I can't read jawi either... eventho i studied bahasa arab for 1 whole year. Im just incapable of learning it (not that i didnt try)

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+faliqfahmie said...

u play piano and violin?

thats uber cool!

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