Wednesday, November 19

Take me to the MOVIES!!

So many amazing movies coming soon i think im going to go insane!

Here's a list of those i'm most looking forward to..
  • TWILIGHT. (27 November 2008)

    Why do i wanna see it: two words.

    Hot. Vampires.

    I had read the book recently (thanks to Ezani). I totally fell in love with Edward Cullen's character. He's such a heartbreaker *swoons* ^_^.

    Owh by the way... Edward Cullen = Robert Pattinson = Cedric Diggory (Harry Potter 4).

    I vant to suck ur Blad. Vuahahaha!

    Yay!! More reason to LOVE it!!!

  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua. (Dec 2008)

    Why do i wanna see it: Drew Barrymore is a talking chihuahua, What's not to love?

  • STAR TREK. (May 2009)

    Why do i wanna see it: I love the U.S.S Enterprise!! I use to be such a trekkie. My fave characters were Mr Spock, Scotty, Capt Jean Luc Piccard and Capt Kirk. And even more amazing the new Spock is none other than Zachery Quinto (Sylar/Gabriel of Heroes) ^_^ Weeee!!!~

  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. (July 2009)

    Why do i wanna see it: Like DUH! Do you really want to know? ^_^ Short of me hyperventilating about how excited i am about this movie... i'll just let the trailer do the talking ^_^


Anonymous said...

dah lama tak tengok movie.
berapa harga tiket wayang?

Ayeshadam said...

Kalau kat midvalley RM 12 for premiers. :P

Alia said...

how shitty is it that ALL except one of those movies you mentioned keluar lambat here!! And heck, who hardly cares if I watch chihuahua earlier than everyone else la kan? Hahhaa *nangis*

Anyway, takpelah as good luck will have it, I'm gonna go to an exclusive, 3 hour preview of hsm3 this Sunday :D hee :D

Ayeshadam said...

I know! i checked and twilight only comes out in december.. woah. sucks for u. :P

HSM3 huh? well i hope you and all the other 12 year olds of australia enjoy that very much :D


*gelak sarcastic gila*

Asimo Shariz said...


Asimo Shariz said...

but how can jean luc picard be in the same movie with the young capt kirk

Ayeshadam said...

Jean luc picard isn't in the movie.

I just was saying i liked the character from the old series yo! :)

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