Sunday, November 23

Freedom Flights

I went to FREEDOM ELITE saturday night....

And it was Freaking AWESOME DAMN IT!!

I went with MyMashi and MyJaja and we met up with WanDaBomb and the Bayu gang, as well as Azlee and Izhan. Mr Muuzi dropped by after work as a 'surprise' yang tak berapa jadi. hehe. Apparently he didn't need invitations like us mere mortals.. bluek. :P

Anyway it was a interesting and fun night.

But really words can't describe it. Pictures would be better. :)

Unfortunately, we all have to wait til Mashi sends the pics of the last 3 events which she still owes me. :P


Owh btw: Kudo's to all the people from facebook/myspace/and blogreaders who came up and tegur me. U guys are awesome... Made me happier than i already was. Weeeee!

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