Wednesday, July 23


I'm sick.

I got a fever, cough and the FLU...... I'm MISERABLE!!!

Bowls of hot soup and hugs maybe sent to this address

*address removed, for obvious stalkerish reasons*

But the people who care about me know where i live... so i expect HOT SOUP GODDAMIT!!

PS: Tomyam Soup is not suitable for org demam ok? ^_^ *winkwink mashi*


Rashid said...

I've sent soup.

It should arrive in about 8 working days.

It was hot when I poured the soup into the paper envelope, so I guess it should stay hot by the time it gets to you.

When I went to the post office, the mail clerk scolded me while pointing at my envelope, which was leaking soup.

I told her that the soup is for a friend, and that she really needs the soup if she's going to get healthy. She stared at me like I was the biggest retard ever, but the jokes on her 'cause my IQ is just a couple of points above Retard level.

I laughed heartily before I plopped the envelope right on her desk and left. I really hope she'll send that envelope anyway.

I hope you're still sick when the soup arrives, 'cause otherwise my soup would be a total waste, and that would not be awesome.

Get well soon!


Anonymous said...

itu la..mama dah pesan jangan main hujan..tapi u degil!

got well soon sis!!

i wanna pick up a fight..

thestrangestar said...

tomyam jom!
get well
by tonite, plis .
kejam gile.
get well hun malam nanti i p tgk u =p

purplechoc said...

get well soon dear

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