Saturday, July 19


to hear the sound of millions of tweens + Ezani, scream with joy??????

Then feast your eyes on the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 trailer. Woot!!!

GAHHH!! My boy toy Zac Efron just keeps getting HOTTER!! *tears*

Speaking of Tween musicals, I'm also looking forward to CAMP ROCK (coming soon this september on Disney Channel). Staring the very yummy Jonas Brothers which includes my fave baby boy Joe Jonas.

When he look me in the eyes.... i go.. WOooHOOOOoooo!!

1 comment:

Alia said...

Woot! I can already see Ezani jumping for joy.. Hahaha :P

Although, I am kinda feeling a bit sad though. Siapa nak tengok HSM3 with me???? :( :( Waaaaaa...

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