Monday, May 5


Okay, seriously.... i have no will power whatsoever!!

Eversince i've started working at the hotel... i've been putting on tons of weight.


I'm not afraid to say it. I'm now 72KGS!!


Dammit. Perlukan bantuan.

Too lazy to 'bersenam', no will power to stop stuffing my face.

Maybe i should appoint myself a food slapper.

U know, those people who follow u wherever u go... and when ur about to put something fattening in your mouth they slap you.

*But that would probably hurt a lot.

Times like this plak, McD pegi advertise their latest satanic creation, MEGAMAC.

which is PURE EVIL!!

No it's not a joke. It's a real burger.

As if a BIG MAC (which i had for lunch btw) isn't tempting enuff.....

Camne ni........... *sigh*

Anyone has any ideas camne nak lose KG's quick??

ps: Surgery is not an option.

pss: Unless it's free.....

psss: and painless.

PSSSS: in which case i might consider it. :P


Anonymous said...

if u wanna drop the junks,
try skipping ur meal, like, skip breakfast or dinner..
or everytime u eat, eat in small portions.
if u x nk senam pon, u menari all out je la sorang2 lam bilik.sure peluh gile.huhu.

Anonymous said...

72kg?.. bapak gemok siot!
pompuan ker badak?!

Anonymous said...

try herbalife, ramai org ckp menjadik..and some mmg dah terbukti..

Alia said...

I volunteer to be your food slapper if you agree to be mine!! Hahahaha :P

And please, please do me a favour and DON'T EAT THAT BURGER!! IT'S A HEARTATTACK PACKAGE FROM HELL!

Seriously, jangan. Seram sial tengok patties tu. *shivers*

And don't skip bfast - most important meal of the day dude! Just stop eating anything that comes in boxes. And stop munching woman!

Teddy Picker said...

da makan tp still rase lapa...

Craig said...

food slapper position open?

Alia can slap ur left cheek and I can slap ur right cheek...

and i'm not talking about buttocks btw.

Rashid said...

Try jogging. It's the most effective fat-burning exercise, and it's free. Plus you get to pretend you're Rocky and imagine hearing The Eye of the Tiger as your background music.

If everything else fails, try depression. That sort of worked for me once. :(

P.S: How on earth can someone eat that burger? You'd have to be like a freakin' python to take a bite out of that.

purplechoc said...

hehe,asal happy suadh :D

erm try la herbalife,dengar2 it works well :D

Hepan said...

Eat right and exercise. And no, I think there's no way to lose weight real fast like in 1 - 2 weeks. You need time dude. Slowly.

Loi said...

Skipping breakfast is a bad idea. It will make you hungrier by lunchtime and you will makan lebih to make up for 'lost' breakfast.

Eat 3 reasonably portioned meals a day, nothing in between. Buck up on fluids and absolutely no junk/fast food! Hehe. That's what Adam and I are trying to do, anyway.

You know who you should really ask, though? Ehsan =|

Anonymous said...

i know.well cr ni mcm cr yg budak atas komen.skip bfast.serius shit dude skip bfast.trus brunch je.mlm mkn ckp kalo tdo berlapa bole jd gemuk sbb nnt perut mengeluarkan gas ape tah waktu mlm.ha so pk2 la kalo diet x exercise, nnt ade selulit kalo dh kurus.eeee selulitt eeeee

Ayeshadam said...

Thx for the advice guys.

Much appreciated! :)

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