Monday, April 28

One man Boy Band.

Been listening to a lot of Shane Ward lately...

you gotta love a guy who can shine after photoshop.

Don't ask why, probably i've been jiwanging a lot lately.

Or maybe cuz i just have nothing better to do (... or to listen to.)

I mean sure the lyrics are lame.... the typical boyband lyrics...

But whats not to love about a one man boyband??

I love it how cliche some songs are, like even after you hear the first verse you can already know what the second verse is going to be about.

It's basically rhyming 101. Heck! i reckon i could write a great 'Boyband song'.

Some Exp:
Girl I know, I let you go, I feel low, so lets go, see the show..

Your so fly, but U Lie, so I cry, then Die.

Baby i need you tonight, wanna hold you tight, with all my might, into the night.


*shakespear is rolling in his grave now*


amg's said...

hey..for you

Muhamad Zainul Arifin said...


Ayeshadam said...

Amg: Haha.. thanks. :)

Zaxx: Owh yea! of course. ingat u sorang je bleh jiwangans? :P

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