Thursday, November 1

One of those RARE DAYS.

Im having one of my rare days when i don't have anything to do..

No work, No to do list, Nobody to please..

So i went sungai wang with cuddles to go window shopping. Then i accidently bought clothes. Oppss...

BUT I SOLEMNLY SWEAR That it's the only thing i'll ever buy this month.

I was actually was planning to buy a 'Wacom' tablet with this months paycheck. But twas too expensive, so i canceled it.

Hey! it's an investment! Sort-off....

Think about it..

-with a tablet> i'll be able to expand my portfolio>with a portfolio i'll be able to get more design jobs> With design jobs... come the KA$$HING!

Well, i think it makes sense. :)

Neway, I just got back from watching STARDUST with maman and e2 (whom we shall now call FUBIL which stands for Future>Brother>InLaw)

Awesome movie. Really loving this new dark side ofmichelle pfeiffer (both in stardust and hairspray). I think she works the dark side. You go girl!

Too bad Nicole Kidman is already playing Mrs Coulter in Golden Compass... Michelle would have rocked the golden monkey out of that role!

Ok, i gotta go beddie bye now, gotta head up to MMU tomorrow, Try to get this finance thing settled.

owh, BTW, it's not that i DON'T have money now. I do.

I just don't have THE THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of ringgit that i owe MMU.

so keep your bloody critisism to yourselves.

Just because u read a few post about my life now and then, doesn't mean u know me. Ceh.


Alia said...

Ewww please don't use terms that the Baharuddin family use. It's just disturbing..

Let's stick with e2 that's so customised by our family that even Mama uses it. I'm just waiting for Tok to follow the tradition too. Hahahhaha :P

Btw, I totally agree that Michelle Pfeifer would've ROCKED Mrs Coulter! Tak pernah terpikir plak.. Haha.

e²¹ said...

jangan guna fubil. My fusil will sue. She's a lawyer.

Ayeshadam said...

Panggil Furbie?? huhu :P

idanadirah said...

me *heart* stardust!


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