Monday, October 29

Recharge and Revelations.

I went to Recharge in A'famosa, melaka last friday.

It was ok, If you like the smell of horseshit and rolling around in mud.

The event itself was massive, really well themed and yeah the music was great fantastic... too bad i didn't have anybody to enjoy it with...

I felt kinda left out, out of place most of the time, and spent half of the event sitting alone, I did however spot a few people i know from mmu and such.. so i wasn't like completely friendless.

Anyway i've learnt my lesson to not plan my life around my 'friends'. Well at least someone was having fun right?

I would say that the night was a REAL REVELATION for me to really find out who the people i cared about really are..

Whatever. Tak rugi pon.

*pics taken on that night will be uploaded as soon as get them from falique*

ANYWAY~ in other news,

I'm really stressing out about my finances lately. Im still barred from taking my SIMMOD paper. And even after getting my paycheck from cititel, and it's barely enuff to get myself unbarred.

Im so dissapointed in myself and well, really i dont know who else to blame.

Everyone else is so lucky to have parents who can support them. I'm the mother of my own mother... And it's HARD WORK trying to raise an adult! Sometimes i feel that it's so selfish that people who get like RM1K allowance from their parents, and still keep complaining that they have no money.

LIKE HELLO??? I got 450 a month from my family, which i had to spend on cyberia rent, food, transport, assignments AND BILLS.

I take the responsibility in accepting that MY financial problems are MY financial problems. It just irks me that some people just take their luck for granted.


v|nder said...

Yea, some ppl jz dont appreciate what they have. And we have to work our asses off to support ourselves. Anyway, i quit tower ready. I'm managing a band right now, i told u ready kan?

Ayeshadam said...

Owh yeah.. hows that going? Oo reminds me... i haven't gotten my Tower Cheque yet.

Kaching! :P

Anonymous said...

450 ok what...the only prob is there's a huge ugly gap between your allowance/paycheck and your lifestyle ...that's it...heh

v|nder said...

dont know when i'll be getting mine. i stil owe mmu. life is tough when u dont have rich parents. Some ppl have money and they complain they're broke. Damn annoying. i totally understand what u're saying.

Ayeshadam said...

Anon: Read properly, im not complaining that i get 450. Im just sick of people who get 2X what i get. And complain...

Vinder: Totally. I currently owe mmu like 8K. DIE.

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