Saturday, October 20

Yesterday was an AWESOME day.

I had a wonderful day yesterday.

Met up with darlings Nana and Zaxx in sg. wang. (I actually dragged them down to teman me shopping. ngee! ) But it was fun catching up with them.... :)

It's so nice to feel like i have friends again.

Wandabomb couldn't come down to sg. wang cuz he had work/open houses to go to... so i met up with him later.

I was abit sad that mashi couldn't be there. And i've really missed jaja lately. but sigh~ what to do...

Anyway, We had fun window shopping all the cool outfits, and tried planning of things we might want to wear to Recharge in melaka next week. I was planning to buy a top to wear, but couldn't find anything i really liked. Plus i dont really like clothes shopping when i got all this raya weight. :P So instead i bought stuff that u dont need to be thin to wear. LIKE THESE BLUE SHOES (pls refer to image 1.1) that i've been eyeing in midvalley, but they didnt have my size.. so i had to get them in Sg Wang.

Image 1.1: Ayesha's Blue Shoes. Sorry for the crappy pic quality.. It was taken on a webcam.

Then i bought 2 belts from the Vincci accesory shop. 50% off on all belts! Too good to be true! Nana bought a green one, and i got a yellow one. The other one is red with a leopard print. (i have no idea when im ever gonna wear that.)

Also i bought silver suspenders. My likey! But as soon as i tried it home, one of the clips fell apart. Bloody hell betul.

Zaxx had to leave early, so around 7 he left. Me and nana browsed around summore then we went to chitchat and have drinks (+shisha) outside BB.

Around 10+, Nana went home.. i didn't go home cuz i was planning to meet wan later and he was going to send be home.

Wan was running late and came around 11.30... and it couldn't have had better timing cuz some Pak Arab was already confessing his undying love for me. *erk?*

Then me and wan went to loft. NGEEEE!!!! IT WAS DAMN AWESOME!

Pics from

*Damn Emo with them cuz they didnt post any pics of me. Owh well*

As you can see It was DAMN Packed! and everyone was hot and sweaty.. but the tunes WERE HOT! (I was singing along so much at the end of the night i lost my voice. haha)

Kudos to my boys at TAG+the unofficial 5th member who spun last night, Zac of desserters. Hehe.

Met up with all my usual lofting buddies and a few other people i know from myspace. Also spotted a few 'celebs' like fave blogger Joyce wong, Juliana Evans from KAMI (too bad ezani takde :P. Ezani KAMI not you, E2), Owh and me and Eday saw Nicholas Saputra!!! Honestly Eday was more excited about that then i was. :P Also there was this guy i had met at planet hollywood during the ProjekKami gig, named Papa :P. And also my friends Encik Azam, Ajim and Ashroff (the producer for the Sheila Majid Vid i did a year ago).

It was a cool night... Plus I got to wear my NEW BLUE SHOES! It didn't really match my outfit. But nobody seemed to care. :P

Thanks to everyone who made yesterday a great day. :) Owh and i've really been missing cuddles (who's in penang raya-ing) If he could call me... that'd be great. :(



Anonymous said...

awesome la sgt sampai takde org comment


e²¹ said...

agak kesian gak takde orang komen, so aku komen.

ada orang curik nama aku!!!!!! aku akan bencinya selama2nya.

Ayeshadam said...

Anon: U comment per. :P Blogging bukan utk comment pon. >:P

E2: Haha.. mekasih :D

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