Monday, October 15

Selamat Hari Raya!

Selamat Hari Raya Peeps.

It wasn't a particularly fantastic raya for me this year.

1. I had to work evening shifts (3-11pm) on raya.
2. Alia wasn't around. So i had no one to lepak/ gossip/ kiraduitraya (not that i got any)/stealmotocycles/ escapework/ with.... with the exception of baby Alif, and no offence, but i can't understand anything he says yet.
3. I had to work!! So i didn't even get a chance to see my cousins, not even the hot one! (you know which one im talking bout.)

And to make things worse, early this morning, (like seriously early..) We got a phone call that Uncle Ajis (Who is my grandfathers cousin) passed away after suffering from brain damage when he fell in the bathroom after raya pertama.

So my whole family went to the funeral today... except me.

cuz, I had to work. But my prayers are definately with him and his family.

I was really frazzled at work today, I kept making mistakes... forgeting to print bills, make calls, dropping anything i touched. In short, it wasn't a good day.

I really miss my sister, this is the first raya im spending without her.

Im like bonnie with no clyde. :( (I get to be bonnie.... nuff said)

Tomorrow mama's going off to PD to see some relatives there, and Cuddles might be going to penang for balik kg. Might be alone tomorrow... so im downloading loads of Hannah montana to keep me company. :)

ps: Owh, Happy Birthday Ezani! You are finally 22! YATTA!!

when you gonna let me play with your wee?.. i mean wii!

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Alia said...

Innalillah.. That must've been really tragic to happen on raya pertama. I'll miss seeing his face and hearing his jokes.

And I missed having you around too, taking pics and everything. Muhuhu.

Alah duit raya tu, memang dah bertahun kita tak dapat. Tak payah sedih lah, it's our fault jugak kot (well, for me at least) sebab kerja cepat sangat. Haha. Oh well... at least we don't have to kasi duit raya to anyone.

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