Thursday, September 20

Til i hear it from you..

Well baby I don't want to take advice from fools, I'll just figure everything is cool... Until I hear it from you - Gin Blossoms

One of my Fave Fave FAVE movies from the 90's has got to be EMPIRE RECORDS!

Who could forget this movie! Liv Tyler was smokin hot in it, and Renee zellweger was super slutty back in the day. If you've never heard of this movie... where the hell have you been?

The reason i'm bringing up this movie is that i'm going to be fullfiling one of my small time dreams of working in a record store. Yup Yup!

Starting this saturday, im gonna be working in Tower Records! Yay!!

Also this means i'll be able to earn some Moooney!! Double Yay!! :)

More updates on that this weekend. watch this space.

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