Sunday, September 16

As suspected...


I may be Exaggerating, but High School Musical has nothing compared to Hairspray. The songs are catchy and the dances were well choreographed. And Zac Efron is much cuter without Gabriella around. :P

Watched Hairspray twice already so far. Once with e2 and once with mama, but still not bored of it yet. :D :D

Well anyway, I'm happy to announce to you guys that im now MRS AYESHA EFRON.
It was a nice, quiet wedding, attended by the Nikki Blonsky, John Travolta, and Ashley Tisdale.

Sangat Meriah. :D :D Here's a pic from the wedding. Will post more later. Cheers!

*Owh, SHUT UP! A girl can DREAM!*


e²¹ said...

hoi. pegi tengok lagi tak ajak aku. :P

rabu ni jom. aku off day. :D

hopefully by then aku dah hafal all the songs...

abah said...

Ekekekekek ^__^ kamu berdua berbulan madu di mana?

v|nder said...

wakakakaka. well, it ain't a crime to dream.

Alia said...

Buruk seyh gambar photoshop.. Hahahhaa :P

And I'm gonna do what sisters do best and RAMPAS Zac from you.. Just wait and see.. haha.. Zac datang Aussie haritu, and I got to see him LIVE in AUSSIE on the late night show. You know, as in see him breathe the same air that I breathe kind of thing. Haha ;)

mashi strange said...

i ni tak invite?
nak tgk zac efron gak.
shit! =p

nanana-ne said...

erk. well since u tell us sbout your 'wedding', aku nak bagitau salina ktua tingkatan kite dulu sudah pregnant 4 bulan. mengkagumkan kan? :)
(sile bygkan perut beliau kedepan)

well, as a friend, i shud say you look beautiful dear on ur 'wedding'.

Ayeshadam said...

e2: Nanti la, i try and get free tix. :) then we go sing a long loudly with the movie. hehe.

abah: honeymoon postponed. sbb dia tgh promote movie dia.. and i tgh puasa. kekeke :P

vinder: ^_^ so understanding.. hehe.

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