Friday, September 7

Not so Fabulous week,

Been under a lot of stress and uncertainty this week...

1: had to meet up about some housing issues with mama but the lawyer keeps avoiding us.. agak menensionkan!
2: Had the scare of my life when E2 called to tell us that Alia is in an aussie hospital about to have an operation... a bit relieve that it wasn't life threatening but still kinda serious. *she's ok now* thank god!
3: Still don't have a job... therefore am currently running out of funds. :(
4: I've been staying in melawati so theres a lot of baby sitting and chores to keep me busy. But thankfully can save money by eating home cooked meals and stealing other peoples chocolates (mostly alif's... but he doesn't know it yet. :D)
5: Im getting fatter... *cries* probably due to the aboved.
6: A friend is still M.I.A, but can't be bothered to go looking for someone who doesn't want to be found.

It's not all bad, Good things that happened...

1: got a friend (not the missing one, another one) back. :) missed her loads over the last few weeks. nice to know i still got 'some' friends out there.
2: tok is feeling better. (she was in the hospital on merdeka weekend)
3: I got one more free movie ticket.... but can't think of what movie to watch. :(
4: Finally got michael buble's new album. NGAHAHAHAHAH!!
5: been watching a lot of E! news.. now i know everything there is to know about nicole kidman, lindsay lohan and many more celebrities.


e²¹ said...

free movie ticket? apa lagi?! jom tengok transformers lagi!

(baru tengok kat wayang 2 kali. mana puas.)

pecal said...

about the 'i'm getting fatter' tuh...normal laa...u should see me..comfirm u x sedih kerane getting fatter..wakakaka.

*transformer..torrent sudah ;p tgk byk2 kali.

e²¹ said...

adik aku dah torrent dah pun. buruk ah. takde feeling. sound quality pun teruk.

Ayeshadam said...

no... im not gonna use my free ticket to watch transformers..... again. tsk tsk.

it's still playing ke? mana aci! harry potter dah tak main dah! :(

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