Tuesday, September 11

Britney Oh Britney..

I haven't felt this bad for a celebrity since Michael Jacksons breakdown... Sigh~

Did anyone bothered to watch the VMA's??

did u also sit thru the awkward 3 minutes that was to be Britney's comeback performance?

Did u also notice all the other celebrities looking awkward aswell?

It was such a sad trainwreck... like seriously TRAINWRECK!! See looked so sad most of the time, and kinda lost... i feel like hugging her.

If u didn't have seen it watch this now!

its reported that after this performance Britney spears burst into tears.... cuz she also knew she sucked. hmm...


abah said...

britney cam MALAS giler!!!!!!! OMG aku cam pengsan hoke tgk...she make it into history in a sucky way....

Gimme gimme back my ol britnehhhhhhhhhh

e²¹ said...

boring gila lagu tu. Gila repetitive. Most of her songs started sucking ever since she stopped singing the pop genre anyway. Kesian gila Britney. Dah tak lawa, still nak pakai camtu.

Ayeshadam said...

haha, gila emosi abah! haha.. itulah she wasn't even trying. I think she just lost whatever fans she had left on this planet. Kasihan.

e2: I know, i was suprised. like hello! the dancers looked hotter. huhu~

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