Thursday, August 23

Musicals and Me.

Yesterday after my MMR class, me and cuddles were bored and trying to figure out how to spend the rest of the day when Adam(thematsalleh) called with 2 free tickets to watch TUNKU, the musical.

I was naturally excited to see it, cuz i have yet to see a malaysian musical live.

We reached KLPAC quite early, which was about 7.15 for a 8.30 show..

Anyway, curtain call was about 8.30++, and the crowd was mostly chinese, and upperclass malays.

The play begun, and it was nothing like what i had expected.

Seeing that the play was called TUNKU, i had expected it to have something to do with merdeka... But, turned out to be about the horrible events of 13 may.

You could feel the tension building in the room when the malay vs. chinese racism began.. i was feeling a bit uneasy about the topics, mostly floating around racism, the media manipulations, and the 'only we can rule' melayu spirit.

Frankly, the play made the malays look like a bunch of power hungry bastards.... (don't believe me, go watch it yourself)

Vocally, the show was OUTSTANDING! the singing talent was remarkable, and at some parts i felt a little teary (i think cuddles cried a bit too, but he'll never admit it).

Go watch TUNKU yourself and tell me what you think.


Continuing my mood for musicals,

I watched HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 earlier today. Cuddles objected, but i could have cared less..... but, when the cast suddenly sprung the first song (It's Summer Time), Cuddles gave me the impression that watching more of this movie would cause him to bleed out of his eyes, he was given the permission to go main jauh2.

I watched the rest of the movie with mama, who im glad has a much higher appreciation for musicals.

The movie was as Ezani described in his blog... 'not as good as the first'. The songs were really really bad (ok, not the songs, more like the singers.) Ashley Tisdale is overrated and Vanessa Hudgens is tonedeaf. Zac Efron's solo song made him look kinda gay... *i know im sad to admit it too*

But i still love him. :D :D

PS: It doesn't hurt that he's topless in one scene (which was completely unnecessary cuz he could have played basketball perfectly well with a shirt on.)


abah said...

This pementasan Tunku will gonna be on the big screen kan? Humm

Neway, watched the highschool musical 2 too. Cam u cakap, number 1 punye lagi best.

No 2 kind of gay-ish :| And the song? *sigh~

*ske part letup2 over exaggerate fireworks and angin :))Dramaticnyergh

Alia said...

Hopefully Zac will be better in Hairspray.. Nak tengok!! :D

Ayeshadam said...

abah: I know!! cam lebih2 kan? ntah mana ntah dtg kipas... hehe.

I sker duet sharpay ngn troy. Gila klakar. hehe!

alia: I KNOW!! i nak tgk hairspray!!! i already downloaded the OST. So i can sing along. kekeke..


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