Tuesday, August 21

Got ripped off by hotlink.

Yesterday, I got a msg from hotlink saying that if you type *100#, you'll receive 400 sms's for only 2 ringgit.

I was like.... yeah right. I don't really believe in things that are too good to be true. :P

Anyway, later i was watching tv at cuddles house when that same advert came up on air. If it's on TV! It must be true!

So i redeemed my 400 sms's for the small fee of rm2. I was so happy...

Till i got this msg.

Blabla... 400 sms.. from 1am-7pm only, rm 2 charge, blablabla.. Thank you for subscribing to hotlink.. blablabla. Valid until 7Pm 20hb August 2007.... *rewind*


wait a minute.... 20th Aug, thats today, i looked at the time... It's 4PM already!!!! How am i supposed to send out 400 sms's in three hours??

So in the end, spent Rm 2 for nothing.... only managed to send about 7-10 msgs. Still had 300++ free msgs left when it expired. Sigh.

Damn it.

Must learn to read more, and type less. Either that or need to learn to type faster. :P

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