Monday, July 9

Let the madness begin!

this big ass pic can be downloaded!

and who has booked tix to go see it on the 11th??

M....E..... ME!! wo0t w0ot!!

been reading up on the Order of phoenix to refresh my memory. :)

What i'm looking forward to:
  1. Dementors in Little Winging!!! And Dudleys first 'kiss'.. haha.
  2. Harry's trial! and first look at the ministry of magic!
  3. Grimauld place! *I wonder if Kreacher is in the movie... i dont think Dobby is*
  5. Death Eaters!
  6. Firenze the centaur! *not sure kalau ada in the movie... but hopes are up. :)
  7. Hagrids brother.... the giant! *also dunno kalau ada.*
  8. The WEASLEY TWINS great ESCAPE!! wooohooo!
  9. Dumbledore's Army at Ministry of magic showdown!
    ps: did anyone guess that Auror Kingsley Shacklebot was a Black Guy?
  10. Dumbledore/ Harry VS. Lord Voldemort!!! OMFG!

Not looking forward to....

That Harry + Cho kiss... eiuw.

What are u looking forward to?

*I will stop dorking out now. :D

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