Friday, July 13

Dumbledore's got style.

The Verdict.
  • Dementors in Little Winging!!! And Dudleys first 'kiss'.. haha. *Check*
  • Harry's trial! and first look at the ministry of magic! *Check*
  • Grimauld place! *I wonder if Kreacher is in the movie... i dont think Dobby is* *Check* Kreacher *Check*
  • Death Eaters! *Check*
  • Firenze the centaur! *not sure kalau ada in the movie... but hopes are up. :) *UnCheck*
  • Hagrids brother.... the giant! *also dunno kalau ada.* *Check*
  • The WEASLEY TWINS great ESCAPE!! wooohooo! *Check* *Check*
  • Dumbledore's Army at Ministry of magic showdown! *Check* This part was damn cool.
    ps: did anyone guess that Auror Kingsley Shacklebot was a Black Guy?
  • Dumbledore/ Harry VS. Lord Voldemort!!! OMFG! *Check*


Even the parts which i thought wouldn't make the movie did.

Like Snape's encounter with James Potter.

And The centaurs rebellion.

one thing i had noticed was that it was a very Potter FAN movie.. Therefore people who didn't read the book aren't going to understand it as well as the movie moves pretty fast. So a tip to those Fans who are going to go watch the movie... don't go with people who dont read. Or u'll end having to explain everything. huhu.


Dhaniah said...

u make me soooo excited. aku tak tgk lagi :| byk readers pun ckp this movie is a good interpretation of the book.

hahaha. dia ada sebut kingsley black, masa diaorg sume pi kutip harry kat privet drive and the dursleys were out.

Ayeshadam said...

woot woot!! tu la... tgk weih! :D ada eh dia ckp? must have missed it. :P

Alia said...

I loved the fact that Dudley dah jadi macam rapper.. So funny!! Haha!

Although, isn't he supposed to be blond? I thought he WAS blond in the first movie... Or am I imagining things? :-s

Ayeshadam said...

alia: tu la... gila hip hop yo! are there even white hip hoppers in britain?? huhu...

i like the part where harry pulls out his wand and his friends laugh.. :P those silly muggles. :P

my other fave part was the umbridge montage. :P of all the mean things she was doing... Potter movies NEVER HAVE MONTAGES!! it was funny :)

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