Monday, June 18

the 5 stages of death

also apply to most horrible things in this world.

such as...... failing your FYP.

1: Denial.

Nana: Sayang, i ada baca kat supple list. You fail VR.
Aye: Huh?? serious?
Nana: A'aa F*.
Aye: Takkan la kot. Must be some mistake. Takkan i fail kot?

2: Anger.

This happened in a very angry blog post. Which was removed due the overwhelming amount of swearing.

3: Bargaining.

This happened earlier today... When i went to see Mr Fazidin. He ignored my pleas and instead kept giving me tips on what to do better next semester.


This also happened earlier today. When i found out i failed by only 3 fucking MARKS! After they had minus 15 MARKS!! For late submissions (all for which i had good excuses.).

4: Depression.

This is currently happening and happened a lot, in various places around fcm building. You may ask ezani for the details. -__-

5: Acceptance.

This one i have yet to experience.

Maybe one day. After im done with number 4.

Can i die in peace now?


Redzuan said...

dah lame dah. :D maybe cos u never cared to ask kot? hahha. :D ne way, sabar menghadapi dugaan. >:D<

aremierulez said...

1: Denial.

2: Anger.

3: Bargaining.

4: Depression.

5: Acceptance.

ni mcm ambik dr cite one tree hill je... btul x?

Ehsan said...

Not really. The 5 stages of grief is well documented in many tv shows :P Scrubs pernah ada, House pernah ada..

abah said...

Horror. Aduihla...naperla buleh jadi camni.. tak buleh re-grading ke? sabar k.

Ayeshadam said...

redzuan: eleh, me dont care la skrg. cheit, dah tu 2-3 bulan dok baca post yg sama.. lama2 malas la nak bukak. :P mana eden tau tetiba bergiat active semula. :)

aremierulez: One tree hill? owh tidak... seriously. ada ke orang tgk cite tuh? :P

ehsan: YUP YUP. lotsa documentations. But this is from robot chicken... you know, when the giraffe is stuff in the quicksand. And CRIES! yea... me=giraffe.

Abah: Mekasih abah. Dah tanya nak regrading, fazidin kata tak akan ubah pape. tgk la try gak. Insyaallah boleh kot.

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