Friday, May 25


Yesterday I went to Cineleisure for the NUFFNANG Pirates of the Carriebbean private screening :D

*yea, we bloggers are llike celebrities.. get our own screenings OKAYH!!*
Fuh berlagak gila. :P

Was suppose to go with mama but unfortunately she was stuck in KL and couldnt make it on time. So went with Cuddles instead... who wasn't really happy that he was my last minute resort, but he stopped complaining when the movie started. :P :P


*i know i say that a lot lately,

BUT IT's TRUE! It kicks Spidermans' ASS!

Me loves Jack Sparrow. Eventho dia Gila. Seriously, Mamat tuh gila. :))

It was really weird watching all these bloggers together, it was like some weird social experiment. Most of these bloggers knew each other, or else recognised each other from their blogs.

*This blog isn't famous, so nobody knew me. But i recognised a few people that i spy on. :P*

MAJORITY of them were Chinese Girls. Only a handful of Malays whom who, i thought was lost at first but later notice their nuffnang badges *we were given badges as souveniers.*

It was evenmore interesting to watch how bloggers act. You know, the signature I-MUST-TAKE-PICS-OF-EVERYTHING.

I caught this girl next to me who was taking pics of her tickets and other stuff that we got from nuffnang.

This other guy was taking pics of the free popcorn and drinks. And random people.

And the signature, FIT-AS-MANY-PEOPLE-INTO-A-PICTURE pose.

Me, however...... did not bring a camera. *DUH*

Cuz i thought i was there to watch a movie... Since when masuk movie bleh bawak camera meh??? Peh.

But it was an interesting experience. I would definately try and go again if they have anything on. But probably bring someone who's more sociable. Cuddles was more into making fun of people rather than making friends.. and he refused to wear the badge. He no FUN.

But i did get him into a KAREOKE box. Muahahahhahaa!

*But i promised that tale will never be told.* :P :P


Alia said...

I would definately try and go again if they have anything on. But probably bring someone who's more sociable.

Did anybody describe ME?! :D :D :D

Hehehehhe.. You SO have to bring me there kalau you pergi lagi :P

To think that Suet Li actually commented on MY blog first before she became a blog-celebrity. Hmph. How come I never got famous? :(

Ayeshadam said...

sapa kata aku nak bawak kau??

kalau nak bawak pon, macam la ko ada sini. ceh.

U never became famous cuz u keep changing your blog address. :P

Alia said...

Yeah, true... But it wasn't my fault right? Sigh.

Dahlah, I won't change blogs again. Tengok boleh famous ke tak :P

Ayeshadam said...

perasan. ceh. hehehe.

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