Monday, May 21


Pack your bag with all things black, And dont forget that eyeliner! Cuz the Cure *might* be in singapore in August!!

*Jumps up and down like a mad woman*

Still got time to pinch a few pennies between now and august right? :D Still waiting confirmed news tho... Owh well, can't hurt to hope right? :)

The nightmare is ALMOST OVER.

Tomorrow at 9 am is my presentation for FYP. Then i can compile all the files that have plagued me these 6 months and burn them.

*Burn as in with FIRE not Burn CD.*

ahhh.... That would be fun. :)

FUN!!! thats what i'm going to have next week. FUN FUN and if possible More FUN!

Speaking of fun, saw ZOMBI KAMPUNG PISANG with Cuddles and Mama yesterday. TWAS HILLARIOUS!!

Twas funny in a silly cliche and very Malay type of way. But funny nontheless. I recommend people watch it just because Apek is not in it. ^__^ And also because Awie doesn't wear any pants for the entire duration of the movie. (I dont think he wears any in SUMOLAH either but i'll have to reconfirm that after i watch SUMOLAH. :D)



Where the HELL is my PHONE LINE??? 3 Days, my asslah.

SPENT 180 bucks on FYP crap.
Am Currently broke, TQ E2 for buying me lunch. :D :D Nanti aku blanja ko Transformers *To Be Confirmed*
Donations can be forwarded to the Aye-needs-PartyMoney-Cuz-she-got-No-More-FYP Fund :D

Gonna go lie down now, back is killing me. :) Ta!


Alia said...

Maybe the people can't find our house... :P

Hahahaha! Sebab kau tak pro kot, hari tu I pergi apply line the next day dah dapat. Yeparkele.

Heehee.. I mish yew tew. Me sending your bday present today, me thinks. Hope you like it! :D :D

Ayeshadam said...


*jumps up and down like a 5 year old*

me wonders what it is.. :D

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