Thursday, April 19

Rina si Penternak Kambing..

woke up about 10am today to the weirdest SMS ever...

it was from one of my MMU seniors the Hot Rina Ramli who had graduated last year.

it goes
'I nak sewa tanah. Yg jauh skit dr kawasan perumahan. Nak ternak Kambing. Area KL/Selangor. Luas 0.5-1ekar. Kalau u ada apa2 info, pls contact me. Ok thks - Rina.'

Ape.....Kah?? What? how...?? Why??

Serious ke nih? ke some prank? i dont know... i was too embaressed to even reply the msg. huhu.

anyhow if it's true, i wish all the luck in the world to her and her goats.
Try saying that without smirking. :P


i stole Alia's Boyfriend.

And we went for pizzaHut.

Muahhahahahaa! we Might also go ninja turtles together... if can score free tix from uncle mamat. :D :D :D

jgn jeles....


after pizza, I was in the VR lab today, finally.... to do some work.

The lab wasn't very fun, I was crying at how much nicer everyone elses project is... plus everyone was doing Virtools, and im doing mine using cosmoworld so they weren't much help...

Despite the chill we-must-do-work atmosphere of the lab i found that i was distracted by syawal's Mp3 (some lagu melayu classic... which was nice, but which he looped. : ) and also by his burping. :

Seriously Dude. Ketuk kang baru tau...

Left early, pening kepala... and decided i'll get more work done at home... With MY mp3's and burpless room.

Unfortunately my room also has my bed..... in other words. Blog laters! ZzzZZzzZzzZzzz.....

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nanana-ne said...

i've try my best also, reading that without smirking. but i ended up, laughing. haha~

apekah kambing pulak kan.

sorry to rina, whoever u r, if u damn serious bout ternak kambing kind of things, good luck. and sorry bcos i laughed at first.


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