Monday, April 23

bz bz bz bz.

This weekend has been a busy one.

On friday, woke up early to go to painting class. *as pledged.*

got there about 9+am. I was amazed how cold the shower is in the mornings. Huhu.

After class, went home and slepted.... then later that night me and the girls went to the TOPSHOP Fashion Rocks! at Zouk.

Was supposed to be an awesome show, but the organisers were damn serabut. We had to stand in line for about an HOUR! eventho we were in the guestlist. Cheit.

Spotted Nora Danish (comel gila), Stephanie Chai (Who's Damn Gorgeous BTW.) and Ashraf Sinclair (so perfect.. kill-me-now), also saw joyce wong my blogging idol. :P Everyone looked fab.

We finally got in at around 10.30, just as the fashion show was about to start. Joey G was emcee-ing *cries* and my fave TAG boys, daryl and abg bunga were DJ-ing. The Fashion show was cool.. lots of nice stuff which i would never wear.. but it was fun to watch cuddles face light up when the models in bikini's started coming down the runway. :P ceh.

*i did the same when the male models came out. Wo0tW0ot!*

After the show... me, nana and cuddles went makan in ampang while mashi, mr fit, and wan hung around loft. Where we joined them later on in the night.

Got home about 430am.

Sat Morning, woke up early to go house hunting with mama.. who soon called to say house hunting was canceled.


Waited for the rain to stop, then went over to see mama in OUG with cuddles. Had Nathan's famous Nan Cheese!!! wahhh.. drool! :P

about 10pm left for cyber.

Sunday Morning. Woke up early again..... : had to go back to melawati to meet uncle mamat's friends who just came in from Turki.

Makan besar kat melawati. :D :D can't recall what tho... i just ate everything so fast that i didnt even have time to figure out what it was. :P hehe.

Later made my way back to cyber...

Now. AM DEAD TIRED. want to go sleep. :) gnite. sleep tight!

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Anonymous said...

tragic tragic.. :/

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