Tuesday, December 13


Practically all phones have built in cameras nowadays... so i've basically regarded compact camera's as a non needed item. Their bulky, take up space in your purse and there's no point in them now with phones and in my case my ipod touch replacing their worth..

But this camera is soooo cool... it made me want it. :D

The Samsung MV800 Multiview

So here's my chance and your chance to have a go at getting yourself a brand new Samsung MV800 for freeeeeeeeee.....
• Check out this link to JOIN
• Fill in your details
• Watch the Samsung MV800 video
• Take the Samsung Multiview MV800 quiz to earn points
• Repeat the quiz to get more points

The 2 persons with the highest number of points each cycle win a Samsung MV800 each. Each cycle is 2 days.

Tip: Earn more points by sharing this contest. Every click on your unique and specifically generated link earns you more points!
There are 30 sets of Samsung MV800 up for grabs from now till 31st December 2011. So hurry!
Check out this link to JOIN now

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