Wednesday, November 9

Hemorrhoids from Hell

Caution: This post may involve TOO MUCH INFORMATION... and filled with GROSS details.

OMGness, i don't even know where to start... i recently fell victim to the horrors of pregnancy hemorrhoids...

I was in agonizing pain last night, and there wasn't really much i could do to relieve the pain. I could barely sleep all night, my ass felt like it was on fire... a feeling i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

By this morning, my condition did not change much, so Muuzi marched me to see my doctor.

Anyway, thankfully Dr Kamaljit fixed me up.. and gave me a bunch of meds and tips to get thru the next few days in one piece.

I'm still revving in pain.. so i'm just going to rest and relax for the rest of the day.

PS: Dear fellow future moms, if you are unlucky enuff to contract hemorrhoids like me... GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!

It's embarrassing as hell, and not to mention gross... but apparently if not treated, it gets so much worst and can create complications during child birth.

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