Sunday, July 10

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!!!

Had a wonderful day yesterday...

It was me and Muuzi's 1st wedding anniversary.. usually we don't really bother with the whole anniversary thing, but we figured next year we'll be up to our knees in baby poo to do anything with just the two of us.

Thanks to the #Bersih rally in KL, the drive the Midvalley was smooth sailing.. best part was the parking lot was practically empty and we had our choice of parking (which we all know is rare in midvalley).

We bought tix to watch Super 8 and X-Men first class.... Since Muuzi's been really busy with work and the band, he hasn't had much time to watch movies at the cinema so we made it a back to back.

After buying tix we went to get some lunch at Itallianese.. we realised that one of our first dates was here in the midvalley Itallianese, and the best part was that the same waiter that served us back then was still there..

Me munching on free bread.

Muuzi had the Chicken Milanese, and i had a Chicken Salad that was super YUM!
Jakun tangkap gambar dlm wayang!
Probably the best thing about our anniversary was that both our phones died, so we had no disturbance from anyone.. It's something im going to implement in the future celebrations. No Phones. :)

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