Monday, January 10

Urgh, Yuck, Aah, WHUT!?...


My whole body is aching from todays misadventure. Azlee and Izhan woke us up at 8am to go to the Gym at Empire Subang.

Muuzi was still only half awake when we arrived at the gym. an hour or so of rigorous working out, we all went swimming at the gym pool.

btw, salt water pools. Yuck!!

After a couple of laps, the boys went to the sauna, and i enjoyed the peace and warmth of the steam room. Aah. so relaxing, i almost fell asleep. :)

Had some good ol protein at Kenny Rogers. then went jln2 at Empire to find bday presents for Azlee twin sisters.

Got home at 4-ish.. terus passed out til about 7. huhu.

Then Muuzi made me dinner ^_^ and we watched Ana Raffali win Anugerah Juara Lagu (WHUT!?) while doing some work..

I have to tell u, the comments on twitter about AJL were quite hilarious, some were really mean, some were just, and some were... well see for yourselves at twitter #ajl25.

All in all, im quite surprised with the results, a lot of people did better than Ana, i think. But no reason to get overly hostile about it. People on twitter need to chill.

Ana Raffali

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