Friday, September 17

Mullet Dejavu

The Mullet

Yes, that’s the technical term for these monstrosities.

The coif popularized in the ‘80s and described as all business up front, party in the back, was momentarily resurrected by the Blackhawks Patrick Kane during their run up to the Stanley Cup (fortunately he got a haircut prior to the NHL Awards Show).

Of course, fashion takes everything to a new level Presenting, THE MULLET DRESS! Apparently there are many ways to wear this style....

The Mullet LBD
Hi-End Mullet
The O-T-T Mullet
I gotta say, I don't totally hate this style.... especially this Valentino Couture worn by Jessica Alba.... looks like this trend it not dying out anytime soon.

From my hobby blog... are you following it yet?

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