Saturday, September 25

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

The folks at Digi wanted to know what apps i would be interested in having, should i win/buy/be given an iPhone4.

Hands down... without a thought,


This game is deadly addictive, i play it on Alia's phone all the time. Sometimes i play it till her batteries run out. Then i get into trouble, but it's totally worth it! :D

Nothing can give the satisfaction of shooting a tiny soldier in the face with a lighting tower. *bliss*

Also, other than this awesome game, i'd be shot by Ehsan and Adam if i didn't buy their Pocket Ipin app

Which is the first official app for the Upin & Ipin animated series. You can have fun playing around with Ipin by making him jump, talk, and even laugh! I bet Alif would love this.

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