Friday, September 24

DiGi iPhone 4 Me!!!!!!

So you all know i've been stalking apple for awhile now,

I'm still waiting for the official Ipad to get here. But my latest apple craving has got to be the new iPhone4. I spent the last week stalking telco's during work hours to find the best bargain and latest news.

Then yesterday (the 23rd), this leaked price list came out. Which was actually pretty good to me.

Then the REAL price list came out.... and it was BETTER!
Me likey!!!

I met Alia's friend from Oz, Tomoko last weekend, and when she pulled out her iPhone4 from her bag and i had to resist every instict in my being not to freak out completely and ask if i could touch the beautiful 'Retina Display'. 0_o Wahhh!

In his WWDC keynote, Steve Jobs likened the design of the iPhone 4 to that of a "beautiful, old Leica camera". This is soooo true! It's so sleek and shiny!

At one point, Alia put her old iphone next to Tomoko's new iPhone4 and it made Alia's display look as fancy as my old nokia did compared to hers..

And of course the FACETIME app is something i really, really need, especially with my rockstar husband who's always travelling the world. It'll make it easier to keep in touch. :) 

Yay ^_^

Anyhow, actually any phone would be an upgrade from the one im currently using anyway. huhu.

My trusty Rusty..... hmmm, I sooo need a new phone. 

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