Tuesday, September 7

Baby's back!!

Hadn't had much will to blog lately, i was afraid i might get overly sentimental over Muuzi being in china for 9 days and get all mushy gushy. I know 9 days isn't really a long time to some, but to newly weds who haven't really been separated since the wedding, 9 days is agonizingly long!!

Anyway, it's been a full week, on saturday i went to MATTA fair at PWTC with Alia and Ezani.. to plan our next vacation..

I want to go Krabi!! It looks like such a beautiful place, but it's like super mahal (at least the place i want to stay is). Damn.

Then i met Mashi in Pandan Jaya near her new office, to teman her go factory outlet shopping (???). We got a TON of stuff, that we may never use, but hey a bargain is a bargain! :D

Anyway, after that i had a long awaited buka puasa with Mashi, Jaja, Diyana khoo, safwan and Wandabomb... at Wong Solo, an ayam penyet restaurant in Ampang.

Halalan Thayyiban yo!

The food was awesome, in fact, thinking about that ayam penyet makes me hungry right now, Damn. Would love to update some pics, but the dinner didn't go so smoothly so we didn't get a group shot of everyone. hmmm.

Maybe next time..

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