Tuesday, August 3


It seems to be the word for the moment, i've been using it A LOT lately,

Q: Asal tak update blog?
A: Malas

Q: Wanna go shopping?
A: Malas

Q: Wanna watch a movie tonight?
A: Cite ape? Malas la..

Q: Jogging jom?
A: ... you got to be kidding. (translation: OMG malasnyaaa!)

I need to leave that word behind.. since i'm starting a new life as a new person. With someone who depends on me.

NO MORE MALAS allowed in this system of mine.. (cheer)

Bak kata kak Amber Chia, 'There are no ugly people, Only Lazy ones.'

Hoyeh! Kata kata semangat!! Fuuh! Let's do this!

Note: In awesome news, i just got the wedding pics from Rudy (@rudylightroom) our awesome wedding photographer. I'll definitely upload some soon. ^_^

Another note: Me and Muuzi have a majlis menyambut menantu coming up soon.. so if you wanna come just check out the details on our WEDDINGKAMI invite and RSVP there.


shep said...

hahaha did amber chia really said that? but i guess it's true. damn.

Ayeshadam said...

Tu la dia, tis true..

Tapi i kecewa that i have to quote bloody Amber Chia..

She prolly stole it from sumone cleverer tho. :P

Mr. Karate said...

so, have you started making babies yet? :D

Ayeshadam said...

Not yet, haha.. You'll probably have to wait awhile for that to happen Uncle Rashid.

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