Tuesday, April 13

Everything has been such a huge blur, one minute i'm getting engaged...

then it's suddenly 3 months to the wedding.. and nothing is done!

So due to my visible absence from the web, here's what i got done this past few weeks

- I Got my Passport did. Woot!! Honeymoon here i come! *Actually got the passport done to buy tickets for Taq's jakarta wedding, which is a week after ours. So me and muuzi thought why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone, and have the honeymoon in Jakarta.*

- Went to the tailor to get my baju bersanding made.

It's gonna be something like this, but pink and white. :)

- Met with Rudy Popshuvit @ Rudy LightRoom wedding photog extraordinaire! :) He said he'd be glad to take the wedding day pics and i was really impressed with his stuff.

- Went for my dress fitting, at PRECIOUS SS2, we took their prewedding photography package, and they gave me a beautiful white dress for the wedding day that i get to KEEP for good! Unfortunately I still had to make the sanding baju, cuz the the elders thought it would look funny, i bersanding in a white couture gown. :P But i'm still planning wearing it while doing chores around the house. :D

It's something close to this, but not exactly, but with lace sleeves! ^_^

- Then, went mattress shopping with Muuzi and Taq, which was a reasonably bad idea cuz both insisted they should try out every single mattress in the store, Muuzi especially had a lot of fun rolling around on RM70K mattresses while i pretend i have no idea who he is.

- I bought a new TV!!!!!!!! well, me and alia did at least. Say hello to our new 32inch LCD TV

Gelak puas hati gila2.. muahahahahaha

Since doing the last thing on the list, i am now flat broke. :D

Owh and also... while on the subject of brokeness, i lost my phone a few days ago. :((

honestly the saddest thing that has happen to me in a long time. I think it's karma, what goes up much come down. At least the worst has passed, now bring on the HAPPY THOUGHTS!

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