Thursday, March 18


Less than 4 months to the wedding, and still have nothing to wear. -__-

I've been to millions of bridal sites, rental shops and 'fotopages' (seriously, why do they use fotopages?) but haven't found anything remotely what i had in mind. Within a reasonable budget that is.

The closest to what i had in mind is this...

cantikkan?!! or maybe something like this would do, i'm not that picky ^_^

but it's from indonesia, and like 3 million Rupiahs (RM1200) Gah! mahal gila. huhu.

Sigh, so unless i become like a millionaire in the next few weeks, or learn to sew my own wedding dress, i'm probably never gonna find the dream dress. sigh.

owh p/s: Derma ikhlas diterima.. mekasih.

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