Tuesday, January 5

Wah! 2010!!!

So i was pms-ing and decided that i absolutely hate my blog layout from b4. so for now it's on default mode.

I know you guys have been very patient with me, still checking my blog every once in awhile, only to find that it hasn't been updated in awhile. haih. I'm sorry.. i think i have lost the will to blog.

I've been super busy, with my life, that i just couldn't fork out the effort to actually talk about it.

I DO however had a LOT to say about soooo many lifes recent events.

since i'm such a lazy-assed excuse for a blogger you can keep up with my activities on FACEBOOK or TWITTER Page.

neway i hope you have a GREAT 2010 (it's gonna be an EPIC year!)!!! and thank you guys so much for being such awesome friends! >:D<

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