Saturday, January 30

Another Excuse.

Everytime i open blogspot, i have a dilemma of trying to figure out what amazing thing/event in my life should i share with you guys.

The Answer?

I have no clue.. hence the lack of general updates.

All the AMAZING EVENTS, life changing opportunities, Awesome moments, and shitty consequences that have happened to me for past few month are TOO MANY to list down.

I have changed this blog layout like 4 times in the past few months... none of which, reflects on my personality and the fact that i am no longer the wide-eyed 18 year old who started this blog.

I have grown up.

And i no longer seek the attention of random readers to sympathies my pain or envy at how awesome my life should be.

I pondered deleting this blog and quit living my life on cyberspace. But SO MANY memories have been recorded within in these cyberwalls. The same reason why my MYSPACE has survived until this day, even if i check it only every 3 months. I've meet soooo many cool people thru these elements, it can't be all bad. I mean, technically, i met muuzi thru myspace.. almost 5 years ago, in 2006.

OMG, i'm gonna have to say i met my future husband online! I'm such a cliche. ^_^

Anyway, this weekend i am about to embark on a momentus journey into adulthood. I am getting engaged (again) to Muuzi (OFFICIALLY), apparently last time didn't count because his grandparents, and my whole kampung of relatives weren't around. so we have to do it again.. OFFICIAL like, with a kenduri and the whole shebang.

Also, incase you were wondering the reason for this otherwise hideous layout is that it is going to be the color scheme for my wedding. :)

So, wish me luck on my new journey.

ps: Also, i kinda accidently deleted all my widgets in the change. So i do not have my usual blog links anymore, so do drop a comment or ym me with your blog/site links thx!!


Mr. Karate said...

i guess this is the end of me calling you fatty :(

Ayeshadam said...

when have you ever called me fatty? evil

Cik Qemm said...

aye dah besar do i.

syuen syuhada said...

haaa~ sob! sob! ;'(

everybody's gonna get married~

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