Friday, September 25

New LAYOUT weeee!!

How do you like the new layout yo!?

Saya sgt berbangga.. ^_^

Spent the whole afternoon doing it. Of course most of the bits are a rip off. But i changed a whole bunch of stuff. At least now we don't have to wait for-FREAKIN'-ever for the widgets to load. *seriously hate those things.*

Owh. btw did you guys manage to catch How i met your mother's NEW episode (season 5 episode 1) yet? What did you guys think?

Personally i laughed my ass off! I missed them so much!! ^_^

What i hated HATED absolutely DESPISE is the new season of Gossip Girl. OMGWTFGILABABIANNOYINGNAKMATI.

Seriously, if chuck and blair break up or serena and dan hook up AGAIN for the MILLIONTH TIME. I'm going to shoot myself. And you know it's gonna happen! aargh.

Pls bring back Georgina Sparks!! She's the only one with a storyline that doesn't involve sleeping with all the other cast members. urgh~

I'm also patiently awaiting for the return of the Petrelli's and trying to guess if Ali Larter will come back to the show as a man (another of her many characters, that woman is UNKILLABLE!) on HEROES.

Muuzi and the OBS boys are currently on their way to Sydney for Malaysian Indie Fest. Wish them all the Best! :)


Refie Redz said...
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Refie Redz said...
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Refie Redz said...

It's fabulous! I love it so much.. How did you do it?

Mine is so out of season. je lebih tapi.. hmm, hampeh!

Ayeshadam said...

Haha nanti la i do a new one for you :D send me some awesome pictures of yourself ;)

nanana-ne said...

daripada tengok Gossip Girl baik tengok Wonderpets.


Wonderpets = 1
Gossip Girl = -10

babe, congrats ko dah bertunang. laju ke depan sekarang eh.

Ayeshadam said...

Wonderpets eh? hahah. takpe la. i still lebih rela tgk Chuck Bass dari tgk hamster joget2. :P

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