Thursday, September 17

Muuzi and Me

So last Saturday (12/09) was the day the Latif's met the Adam's. It was definitely an interesting night.

What was suppose to be just a 'Merisik' turned out to be a whole 'Engagement' thinggy... Cuz we all decided that having a big kenduri for the engagement would be to much of a hassle, with his parents being overseas and my family being mostly consisting of senior citizens. (Love you tok!)

Honestly, i do prefer it this way. It was much more intimate, with people who really care, as apposed to have some spectacle filled with people who don't really give a shit about me and just there to be negative.

So there it is, WE ARE ENGAGED! weeeeee! I know i'm like SO over excited about this, LIKE OMG i'm such a girl. I never EVER thought i would be the marrying type, but now i feel like I'M SO READY. huhu I'll probably annoy my girlfriends to death with wedding talk.. but really, what's a girl supposed to do?

Me and Mundzir have been getting a lot of mixed reactions about the news, which is understandable, it's a BIG leap.. but mostly it's been positive. So YAY.

So anyway, we don't have a date yet.. but it's probably gonna be end of 2010. Ye, lama lagi.. so you got lot of time to plan what you are gonna get me. :P


Funny story about the ring: My wonderful boyfriend bought it like a million times too small. So when his mother tried to put it on me, i had to wear it on my pinky. How Embarrassing.

Then he went to change it recently and it was still about a size TOO SMALL. But this time he said he can't exchanged it anymore, when i asked why he showed me the engraving inside. It was so sweet, how on earth could you be mad. Haih.

ps: I'm not telling you what he wrote, but it was super sweet. :)

Me with Future mom-in-law *coughcoughcough*

Amacam, familiar tak pose ni?

I'm a frickin' rolemodel! woot!

The Latif's

The Mom's

Our families!!


nadra186 said...


Congratulations on your engagement!! Woo Hoo!!! So happy for you. All the best and have fun with all the preparations! Take care.. Toodles!

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Ayesha sayang, congratulations a millions times to your engagement to the sweetest guy I know by far. The 2 of you are and excellent match and I'm sure that your future together will be nothing short of a blast..

Don't forget to call me in 2010. Wedding planner services available from CHENTA by INDYPOP.. ;)


Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Ok, I'm sleepy. Please forgive the typo's.. Haha..

Anonymous said...

i like!!!

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