Saturday, September 5

Beyond AWESOME!!

ehsan: i just learnt something awesome
Ayesha Adam: apekah?
ehsan: go to facebook, scroll down to the bottom
ehsan: and click on the English (US) link
ehsan: and change it to English (Pirate)
ehsan: which is undoubtly
ehsan: more awesome.
Ayesha Adam: ?
Ayesha Adam: pirate english?
ehsan: try it...

So i did...

IT IS SO AWESOME! Everyone should try it!! It's so funny!

Tis be what my HOME PORT (homepage) looks like

And this be ME page.

It be mighty awesome. Try it me Hearties! Arr!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ehsan ni..ajar yang bukan² jeh..heheha arrrr!!!

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