Saturday, August 29


Malaysia's public transportation system has gone to the dogs!

I waited for the bus for almost a full hour this morning, and i was already late for work.. then the bus came (FINALLY!) and didn't even slow down. It just passed by all of us standing by the bus stop looking like morons.

I was so pissed/and LATE that i ended up taking a cab to work. The traffic jam was just ridonkulous! That PLUS the 30% increase in Taxi fares.. the trip to work cost me RM21.80.. usually it's just around RM12. So ridiculous!

Pirates in cars.

I'm so irritated. I need a car.

PS: and a driving lisence... haih.


Anonymous said...

and soon when you have a car. you'll start screaming and swearing in the bloody traffic jam. gahh!

Cik Qemm said...

memang melampau.had blog bout this before pastu kena marah ngan anonymous.cheh!

Ayeshadam said...

Ye ah tuh.. orang yg comment anonymous biasanya takde balls to admit their opinion. maka mereka tak penting. :D

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