Saturday, May 2

Thank you Nusrat..

For introducing me to something so irritating and mind blowingly bimbotic. Something that is SO MUCH FUN it's Crazy.

Nunu: did u see the S factor girlsss? such bimboooos. I feel like slappin dem
Ayesha: S factor? ape tuh?
Nunu: sum program in spore, Link (seriously must watch, it'll be the best 3 mins of your life)

Anyway S factor, is a reality show on Singapore's Channel 5. Ala America's Next Top Model type show where models fight, bitch and compete for a coveted FHM cover spread, as well fame and fortune. The girls are hot.. but brainless. The ones with brains are bitchy as hell. FUN!

It's BLOODY HILARIOUS!! Now i'm hooked!! I stayed up till 4am streaming the episodes from Youtube. Which lead to even more SUPERFUN Singaporean bimbo stalking..

Did you know famous singaporean blogger Xiaxue (tak lawa, sucky blog, dunno why she's famous in the first place) has her own show? Xiaxue's Guide to life! really?? Do we need her to tell us how to live our lives?? Really???

I think Singaporeans just love bimbo shows.

OMGWTFLOL I love Singapore. :)

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